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  • Heta-Monsieur-S-gymanase-Rillieux

    Street Art Rillieux Festival
    Gymnasium of the Allagniers

    Mural by Heta One and Monsieur S as part of the Street Art Rillieux Festival at the Allagniers gymnasium. STREET ART RILLIEUX WEBSITE COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Heta-Peinture-Fraiche-Festival-2023-Hetaone

    Peinture Fraîche Festival #5

    Work realized by Heta during the fifth edition of the festival «Peinture Fraîche Festival» at the former Fagor-Brandt factories in Lyon. FESTIVAL'S WEBSITE PHOTO ARCHIVES OF ALL EDITIONS OF THIS FESTIVAL COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Heta-Roches-en-couleurs-2023-VIllefontaine

    Les roches en couleur

    Work on gymnasium realized by Heta during the fifth edition of the festival «Les Roches en couleur» in Villefontaine France. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Graff-n-beer-2023-11


    Fresco created by Heta One and Alf as part of the street art festival Graff-n-Beer, an event organized in collaboration with 12 companies from the Veyre Industrial Zone in Aigle (Switzerland), creating an extraordinary immersive experience. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Rillieux-Street-Art-festival-appartement-memoire

    Rillieux Street Art Festival 2023
    Memory apartment

    In this apartment-work, the duo Monsieur S and Heta One had to pay tribute to the memory and the past of this building. The works inside testify to the lives of the past within 1-5 Avenue du Mont Blanc. This apartment pays tribute to all the inhabitants and all the diversity that the residence has…
  • détail fresque atelier street art

    Fresco workshop in high school

    Fresco made during a workshop led by Heta and Monsieur S with students of the Arbez Carme high school located in Bellignat-Oyonnax in the department of Ain (01). COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • France-boissons-biere-Gallia

    France Boissons office

    Decoration by Heta and Monsieur S within the offices of the distribution platform of "France boissons" in Corbas 69. This first painting represents the Gallia beer brand belonging to the Heineken group. Video : COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Art-on-train-Heta

    Art on Train

    Art on Train is a unique graffiti festival taking place near Metabief, on the Swiss border. The concept of this graffiti jam is that artists from different parts of Europe meet to paint on an whole train. The association Coni'fer maintains old collection trains on an abandoned SNCF line and offers small tourist trips in…
  • mouton street art

    Draw me a sheep

    Fresco 65 meters long and 2 meters high commissioned by the city of Villefranche and the association troi3 (partner association of the Peinture Fraîche festival). It is located between two colleges along Avenue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The central character is located just in front of the bus stop used by the students. Saint-Exupéry is the…
  • Fresque-Street-Art-Lyon-Perrache-Heta-Myet

    Lyon Perrache tram

    Fresco made for the Sytral at the TCL tram station Perrache in Lyon by Heta, and Myet. This fresco is integrated in the signposting allowing transport users to find their way to Place Carnot safely. Photos : Cédric DARBORD Timelapse video BFM TV video COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Rillieux-Alagniers-Street-Art

    Rillieux Alagniers

    This mural was created as part of the Street Art Rillieux Festival at the Maison pour Tous des Alagniers by artists Heta and Mr. S in collaboration with youth in the city youth service. The realization was done in a participatory way with many workshops open to all. This achievement pushed artists out of their…
  • Heta-Ashes-fresque-graffiti-Lyon

    Heta x Ashes

    Fresco made by Heta One with the artist Aches from Dublin off the "Peinture Fraîche Festival". COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Heta-Peinture-Fraiche-Festival-street-art-Lyon

    Peinture Fraîche Festival #3

    Fresco realized by Heta at the Peinture Fraîche festival #3 held in 2021 at the Halle Debourg in Lyon France. EVOLUTION The artist Hetaone has always been fascinated by the analysis of the paintings of masters using X-rays, used to dissect the different layers and stages of a work as we know it. The frescoes…
  • Chaponost-skatepark-mur-fresque-street-art


    Fresco done at the skatepark of Chaponost by Heta, Monsieur S, and Y?not. Here the different styles of the artists are between illustration, realism and abstract graffiti. Photos : Cédric DARBORD et Albin BONNARD COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Street-Art-Abbaye-Cluny-2

    Abbey of Cluny

    Fresco of 10 meters long by 2m high made by Heta, MSTR and Doom at the 2021 heritage days commissioned by the Abbey of Cluny (71). It was made in public, in a week and without sketch in the cloister of the abbey from photographs taken during the tourist visit. REVENIR AU PORTFOLIO
  • palissade-evenementiel-street-art

    The company web TV show

    Fresco made by Heta and Monsieur S in one hour in red thread of the show «The Company Show» of the web TV of the event agency Meetings. The theme of the mural is «the disco years». The central painting integrated into the fresco is offered to the guest of the day. COME BACK TO…
  • Décoration Street Art entreprise

    Cosmic Kids

    Fresco of more than 100m² entirely made with spray can by Monsieur S and Heta One for the Cosmic Park 54 located in Nancy France. The visual was chosen by the children for the children. The place is an indoor activity center of more than 6000m² intended for children and adults. It includes several graffiti…
  • Heta-One-Monsieur-S-Steampunk-Zeppelins

    Steampunk Zeppelins

    Fresco created by Heta One and Monsieur S for a private person in Agen France. Inspired by volume 2 of the comic book Hauteville House. Dimensions: 3m x 4m. Realized in mixed techniques: aerosol and stencil. More than 60m² of stencil have been made to make zeppelins. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Fresque-Street-Art-Cats-Eyes-preview

    Cats’ eyes

    Fresco created by Heta One and Monsieur S in Irigny inside an event agency. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Heta-Monsieur-S-Alerte-Rouge-event-again

    Red alert

    Fresco created by Heta One and Monsieur S in Irigny at an event agency for a web TV set on the occasion of "Alerte rouge", collective to support events in COVID crisis. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS