Rillieux Alagniers

This mural was created as part of the Street Art Rillieux Festival at the Maison pour Tous des Alagniers by artists Heta and Mr. S in collaboration with youth in the city youth service. The realization was done in a participatory way with many workshops open to all.

This achievement pushed artists out of their comfort zone. The specific architecture of the star-shaped building, visible at 360° offered them a new challenge. To answer them, they designed their realization in the image of a sculptor in front of his base. This approach different from their usual work led them to conceive this fresco as a 3-dimensional object integrated into its environment rather than a traditional 2-dimensional painting.

The choice of bright colors allows quick identification of the place of life. Consultations between the inhabitants have emerged several wishes to symbolize themes: Nature, streetwear, Islamic Art and living together. For this the artists used different techniques: Projection, stencil, acrylic paint an