In situ :

For Hetaone, the exhibition venues are an integral part of the urban furniture. When he invests in an exhibition hall, the entire space is laid out. The walls are no longer a support, the canvases no longer have a frame. He takes his street artist’s view of the site and its history and challenges cultural boundaries.

The techniques used can be bomb, stencil, stickers, projection, 3D, video, drawing… to create anamorphoses, trompe-l’oeil, characters, canvases, etc.

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Outside the walls :

The exhibition creates a journey to rediscover the public space. It brings out the offbeat, the poetic in a non artistic context. Its purpose is to question and make the public react. Urban art is often condemned to the ephemeral, it is free and accessible to all.

The works support the urban furniture: bridges, roundabouts, candelabra, walls, car parks, windows, etc.

Coming from the graffiti culture, the medium of choice of Hetaone remains the spray can but it also uses posters, stencils and stickers.

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