Peinture Fraîche Festival #5

Work realized by Heta during the fifth edition of the festival «Peinture Fraîche Festival» at the former Fagor-Brandt factories in Lyon.


Hetaone at the 2023 Fresh Paint Festival

This is the spectacular mural by graffiti and street-art artist Hetaone for the 2023 Cool Painting Festival. This festival, dedicated to the promotion of urban arts, organizes and co-produces events in France and internationally, demonstrating a spirit of conviviality, transversality, pedagogy and openness to the general public.


Peinture Fraîche :
A Commitment to Urban Arts

Peinture Fraîche is actively engaged in promoting urban arts. The festival produces and co-produces events in France and abroad, such as TrubLyon, Wall Drawing, Killart (Colombia) and Tao Festival (Thailand). With 57,000 visitors for this fifth edition, Peinture Fraîche continues to show that urban art is much more than just an exhibition. It allows the public to grasp gestures, understand techniques and try to reproduce them, thus enhancing the artistic practices and the quality of the works presented.

Hetaone and his Fresco at Graffiti Park

Hetaone’s fresco in Graffiti Park, a unique 7,000 m² outdoor space dedicated to artistic expression and creative freedom, is a masterpiece. This park offers a total immersion in the world of graffiti, allowing visitors to discover the soul of the work of graffiti artists.


Fresco Description

Hetaone’s work represents a huge colorful skull, making its appearance less austere and more playful. A captivating detail is the unique eyeball that looks at the audience through the fingers of two hands framing the skull. These hands form the acronym 69, the number of the department of the city of Lyon, as well as a sign of rallying well known to the Lyonnais, often accompanied by the expression typically Lyon “six nine la trique”.

Symbolism and Modernity

Behind the skull, cables symbolize the connection of the festival with new technologies, highlighting the modern and accessible aspect of the event. At the bottom of the fresco, the artist’s coat of arms appears as a huge “heta” tag, marking Hetaone’s unique identity in the artistic landscape.



Hetaone’s mural for the 2023 Fresh Paint Festival is a magnificent demonstration of urban art, integrating local symbolism and modernity. This festival continues to promote urban arts through immersive and educational events, allowing the general public to discover and appreciate the talents of graffiti artists.