Art on Train

Art on Train is a unique graffiti festival taking place near Metabief, on the Swiss border. The concept of this graffiti jam is that artists from different parts of Europe meet to paint on an whole train.

The association Coni’fer maintains old collection trains on an abandoned SNCF line and offers small tourist trips in the Jura mountains. The artists of Art on Train have teamed up with them to create this street art graffiti festival. For four years, each year, they gather a selection of artists to paint the entire train facing a surprised and amazed audience. This year, Heta had the honor of being invited with Mstr and Maps to repaint an entire wagon.


At the end of this weekend of anthology, the association Coni’fer pulls the train made with an old steam locomotive. For the greatest pleasure of the artists, they can travel with their works through the landscapes of the Jura under the dazzled eyes of the locals!!!