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  • Fresque street art collège Paul Emile Victor - Rillieux

    The traveller

    Street art fresco with workshop by Heta One, Monsieur S and the class UPE2A (Teaching Unit for Immigrant Pupils) at the college Paul Emile Victor located in Rillieux-la-Pape France. Children between the ages of 11 and 15 from around the world discovered graffiti techniques from May 13 to 17, 2024. The project is the result…
  • détail fresque atelier street art

    Fresco workshop in high school

    Fresco made during a workshop led by Heta and Monsieur S with students of the Arbez Carme high school located in Bellignat-Oyonnax in the department of Ain (01). COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Thierry-Marx-Bocuse-Or-2023

    Sirha – Bocuse d’Or

    Paintings tribute to Paul Bocuse Canvases made by Monsieur S and Heta in participatory workshop mode for the Paul Bocuse Foundation during the Bocuse d'Or contest with various participants and protagonists of the Sirha (2021 and 2023 editions), an important food and restaurant fair held in Lyon every two years. Video The steps of a…
  • Rillieux-Alagniers-Street-Art

    Rillieux Alagniers

    This mural was created as part of the Street Art Rillieux Festival at the Maison pour Tous des Alagniers by artists Heta and Mr. S in collaboration with youth in the city youth service. The realization was done in a participatory way with many workshops open to all. This achievement pushed artists out of their…
  • HETA-ONE-College-Tavaux

    College in Tavaux

    Fresco workshop with students in the canteen of the "Collège de Taveaux". COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Heta-One-Fresque-Street-Art-Pompiers-Lond

    Lons Fire Hall

    Fresco workshop realized by Héta One for the firefighters of Lons-le-Saunier on the occasion of the bicentenary of the barracks. Line up : Day 1 : Mounting the scaffolding and installing the safety barriers Day 2 : Application of an anti-foam product Day 3 : Flushing and washing of the facade with high pressure washer…
  • Heta-One-Mr-S-Pingouin

    Everything is allright…

    "Tout va bien". Mural directed by Heta One, Monsieur S and the students of the horticultural school of Dardilly on the theme of global warming. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • atelier fresque façade mur street art

    Grow up together

    Fresco workshop at the House of teenagers in Chalon-sur-Saône. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Heta-One-fresque-atelier-Corpeau-tennis-2018

    Corpeau tennis

    Fresco workshop realized during one week with children of Corpeau. The kind of meeting where it ends with a beautiful wall and a cute thank you diploma! The workshop / Realization: The result : COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Heta-One-SPA-Dole-Detail-2

    SPA in Dole
    (Animal Protection Society)

    Fresco realized with the spray can on a wall of 3 meters high and 30 meters long. Graffiti workshop, realized with about fifty young people of the great DOLE (Crissey, Tavaux, Damparis…) on the wall of the SPA of Dole. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • décoration bungalow street art graffiti

    Learned bungalow

    Fresco on the site of the Bure laboratory for research on deep geological disposal of radioactive waste. The place is regularly the scene of hostile demonstrations to this project and the nuclear industry in general. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • atelier artistique intergénérationnel

    Intergenerational Exchange

    Creation of a fresco and intergenerational exchange between the young people of the neighbourhood house and the elderly of the retirement home of the district of Prés Saint-Jean in Chalon sur Saône. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS