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  • Thierry-Marx-Bocuse-Or-2023

    Sirha – Bocuse d’Or

    Paintings tribute to Paul Bocuse Canvases made by Monsieur S and Heta in participatory workshop mode for the Paul Bocuse Foundation during the Bocuse d'Or contest with various participants and protagonists of the Sirha (2021 and 2023 editions), an important food and restaurant fair held in Lyon every two years. Video The steps of a…
  • Borne-arcade-custom-street-art

    Custom arcade cabinet

    Arcade cabinet street art custom made as part of the 2021 Peinture Fraîche Festival. An atypical medium that departs from the traditional canvas (form, dimension, interactivity), a crossroads with the rise of urban arts (street art) and digital arts (geek art). Vidéo making of COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Heta-Peinture-Fraiche-Festival-street-art-Lyon

    Peinture Fraîche Festival #3

    Fresco realized by Heta at the Peinture Fraîche festival #3 held in 2021 at the Halle Debourg in Lyon France. EVOLUTION The artist Hetaone has always been fascinated by the analysis of the paintings of masters using X-rays, used to dissect the different layers and stages of a work as we know it. The frescoes…
  • Street-Art-Abbaye-Cluny-2

    Abbey of Cluny

    Fresco of 10 meters long by 2m high made by Heta, MSTR and Doom at the 2021 heritage days commissioned by the Abbey of Cluny (71). It was made in public, in a week and without sketch in the cloister of the abbey from photographs taken during the tourist visit. REVENIR AU PORTFOLIO
  • palissade-evenementiel-street-art

    The company web TV show

    Fresco made by Heta and Monsieur S in one hour in red thread of the show «The Company Show» of the web TV of the event agency Meetings. The theme of the mural is «the disco years». The central painting integrated into the fresco is offered to the guest of the day. COME BACK TO…
  • Stret Art Lyon Place des Tapis Croix-Rousse

    Place des Tapis
    Lyon Croix-Rousse

    Fresco of 120 m² realized by Héta and Monsieur S on the wall of the Croix-Rousse place des Tapis in Lyon. Project organized by Mur 69. Pictures by : Cédric DARBORD Vidéo by Vincent Llinares COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Paris-Bourget-preview

    Paris air show

    Fresco created in public by Heta One and Monsieur S during the 2019 edition of the International Paris Air Show le Bourget. Commissioned by the Hopscotch agency as part of the Paris Air Lab located at the Concorde Hall. Fresco recovered and exhibited at the end of the event by the Air and Space Museum.…
  • Jam-graffiti-street-art-Saint-Etienne

    Jam Saint in Etienne

    Collective fresco realized in Saint Etienne France on the theme of Christmas with the crews ALF and TWP. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • HETA-ONE-Macon-xpression-bus-1

    Xpression Bus

    Collaboration on a bus between Heta and Taste for the urban Xpression festival of the city of Mâcon. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS