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  • Art-on-train-Heta

    Art on Train

    Art on Train is a unique graffiti festival taking place near Metabief, on the Swiss border. The concept of this graffiti jam is that artists from different parts of Europe meet to paint on an whole train. The association Coni'fer maintains old collection trains on an abandoned SNCF line and offers small tourist trips in…
  • Peinture Fraîche Festival #3

    Fresco realized by Heta at the Peinture Fraîche festival #3 held in 2021 at the Halle Debourg in Lyon France. EVOLUTION The artist Hetaone has always been fascinated by the analysis of the paintings of masters using X-rays, used to dissect the different layers and stages of a work as we know it. The frescoes…
  • LHH-Zoo-XXL-Heta-One

    Zoo Art Show XXL

    Fresco by Héta, Monsieur S, Chufy, Kesadi, Ynot, Maps, Kowse and Braga at the exhibition Zoo Art Show XXL located in a 4000m² building signed Tony Garnier in the heart of the 6th arrondissement of Lyon. Vidéo COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Paris-Bourget-preview

    Paris air show

    Fresco created in public by Heta One and Monsieur S during the 2019 edition of the International Paris Air Show le Bourget. Commissioned by the Hopscotch agency as part of the Paris Air Lab located at the Concorde Hall. Fresco recovered and exhibited at the end of the event by the Air and Space Museum.…
  • Jam-graffiti-street-art-Saint-Etienne

    Jam Saint in Etienne

    Collective fresco realized in Saint Etienne France on the theme of Christmas with the crews ALF and TWP. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS
  • Monsieur-S-Heta-Mur-Berlin

    Berlin wall

    Work realized in Tavaux by Heta et Monsieur S on a panel of the Berlin Wall (2800kg of concrete and steel) highlighting the values of peace and fraternity. COME BACK TO ARTWORKS