Anamorphosis at the College of Cinema
Bertrand Tavernier

Anamorphosis street art by Heta One and MSTR at the Collège du Cinéma – Bertrand Tavernier in Lyon Villeurbanne.


at the Bertrand Tavernier College of Cinema

The Collège du Cinéma Bertrand Tavernier in Lyon Villeurbanne, formerly known as the Collège du Tonkin, recently got a makeover with a spectacular street art work by artists Heta One and MSTR. This project marks a symbolic turning point for the school, which has changed its name and identity to emphasize its commitment to seventh-art education.

On June 6, the college was renamed in honor of the famous Lyon filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier, who died in 2021. The ceremony, presided by Cédric Van Styvendael, mayor of Villeurbanne, Bruno Bernard, president of the Métropole de Lyon, and Thierry Frémaux, director of the Institut Lumière and friend of Tavernier, paid tribute to the filmmaker’s legacy while highlighting the college’s cultural project.

To celebrate this transformation, Heta One and MSTR created a spectacular anamorphosis mural in the concrete amphitheatre of the establishment’s courtyard. The amphitheatre, once unused and marked by a sad greyness, has been revitalized thanks to this modern and colorful work. The fresco, full of joy and life, reflects the new name and identity of the college.


What is an Anamorphosis?

An anamorphosis is an artistic technique that creates an optical illusion. Using complex volumes and distorted perspectives, an image is only visible in its correct form from a certain angle. This playful and mathematical technique stimulates curiosity and interest in learning, making the amphitheatre space not only more attractive but also educational.


Student Participation

The work not only transformed the space, it also directly involved middle school students. Several groups of middle school students participated in the realization of the fresco, contributing to a collective project that strengthened the sense of belonging and pride in their new school environment.


New Energy for College

The Collège du Cinéma Bertrand Tavernier, with its new identity and artistic project, embodies a dynamic and inspiring place of learning. The anamorphosis by Heta One and MSTR is more than just a fresco; it is a symbol of renewal and commitment to education and culture.


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